Join Us for our Next Business Meeting

This year the Maine Society is holding their fall business meeting in conjunction with the New England Society of Anesthesiologists, who are meeting in Portland.  Our meeting will be held on Saturday, September 17 from 1:00 - 4:00pm at the Westin Portland Harborview (157 High St, Portland).  For more information on the NeSA meeting, which runs from September 15-18, go to

FYI: ASA President-Elect Jeffrey Plagenhoef, MD, will be speaking at NeSA's dinner on Thursday night at 7pm.  Tickets can be purchased separately for this dinner through the NeSA website

Please rsvp to our meeting to  A light lunch will be served.

Grassroots Advocacy

MeSA President Bruce Malmer, MD, MeSA Vice President Dan Campos, MD, Gary Palma, DO, Allen Hayman, MD, Eric Tweedie, MD, and Christopher Cary, MD.

Richard Flowerdew, MD, Allen Hayman, MD, Eric Tweedie, MD, Senator Susan Collins, Dan Campos, MD, Gary Tweedie, DO and Christopher Cary, MD.

Members of the MeSA spent a few days in May bringing their message of patient safety and physician-directed care to our Congressional Delegation. Attendees included Dan Campos, MD, President and ASA Director, Eric Tweedie, MD, Vice President, Allen Hayman, MD, ASA Assistant Director, Christopher Cary, MD, outgoing ASA PAC Board Member, and Richard Flowerdew, MD.

(BACK ROW) Anna Bragdon, MSA Executive Director, Dave Andrews, MD, Denise LaRue, MD, Senator Susan Collins, Christopher Cary, MD, (sitting) Allen Hayman, MD,  Liberty Taylor, MD, and Richard Flowerdew, MD.

Dan Campos, MD, Eric Tweedie, MD, Christopher Cary, MD, Senator Angus King, Allen Hayman, MD, Richard Flowerdew, MD, Gary Palman, DO, and Anna Bragdon, MeSA Executive Director

MeSA represents your interests as a Maine-licensed anesthesiologist.  In today’s health care environment, it is very important to be informed and to be involved. 

As a member of MeSA, you join a group of committed professionals who have united to effect change. 

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